About Us

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Company Mission

U.C. Global is a small veteran owned company who has over 40 years working for the U.S. Government both as soldiers in the military and as contractors working for the government around the world; we also have the ability to hire people with a wide variety of experiences and job qualifications. Lastly our desire is to hire only professionals who have high morals and ethics. Having worked for many large companies I know often times security is not always a priority. With U.C. Global any contract will be handled as if it was our only client by providing professional personnel with a mindset to perform all work in a professional manner in accordance with the statement of work. We also provide a variety of administrative services ranging from clerical to safety and quality assurance. U.C. Global has one thought in mind quality performance with quality personnel; job performance and customer satisfaction is priority.

Our Skills

Vulnerability Assessments90%

Security / Force Protection100%

Risk Analysis80%

Security Training85%

X-Ray Equipment Maintenance & Training70%

Operation Administration & Logistics90%

Security & Force Protection Consulting95%

Why choose UC Global?

  • Over 15 Years’ Experience in the Force Protection, Anti-Terrorism, and Physical Security Field.
  • Ownership Previously Managed the Core Vulnerability Assessment Management Program (CVAMP) for the Afghanistan Theatre of Operation Consisting of Over 280 Military Installations
  • Ownership Was The Former Program Manager for the Backscatter/ZBV Program For The Afghanistan Theatre of Operation
  • UC Global Hires ONLY The Most Highly Skilled and Trained Personnel to Implement and Maintain All Aspects of Your Security Needs
  • Our Commitment to Safety is Second to None With a Record to Prove Our Dedication.